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Wednesday 13 October 2021

A poem about stretch marks

How many of us have been left with stretch marks after the birth of our children, and despite knowing that they are there to show the journey our body has been on, we still wish them away?

This short poem aims to put the meaning back into each little mark, and highlights the importance of each one, and the job it may have done. By thinking about what you would have to 'trade in' for each mark, it may help you to see their true value...

a poem about stretch marks

A poem about stretch-marks 

What if every mark is just a symbol for the parts of you that grew...

This mark here for your tiniest toes, 
another one there for your button nose...
this mark for the squidge of your newborn thighs, 
another two marks for each of your eyes...
Which of these marks then would I take away?
Or just like all of you, do they deserve to stay?
These marks right here are what make me your mother, 
and they have shown strength unlike any other - holding on tight as your body it grew, stretched with its might until here arrived you...
So no, I won’t look any longer at these,
tracing their outlines and feeling the tease, 
of a memory whispering of firm, soft, smooth skin...

I am not just my image, I’m the beauty within.

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