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Tuesday 7 December 2021

Planning a gallery wall with Desenio

I’ve always loved a good gallery wall! We have had a range of frames on the wall climbing the stairs in our house for many years now - a montage of black and white photos of relatives and special friends, in varying frame sizes but all with the same mount and border. I was keen to do something similar on the wall above our sofa in the lounge, but with some cool, calming prints in muted tones to create a gorgeous gallery wall which would create a relaxing and inspiring space after a long day.
desenio wall art gallery wall review
  Disclosure: Paid partnership with Desenio. Pints were sent in return for an honest review. 

Planning a gallery wall can often be the tricky part, trying to imagine how all of your images might fit together, whether the sizes will work next to each other and then of course, finding the right sized prints to fit the frame! This is where the Desenio’s gallery wall tool makes it super easy to plan your wall art. Read on for more info on how we used the tool to plan our gallery wall and how this compares in real life too!

Using the gallery wall tool:

The gallery wall tool has 4 main sections below:

  1. select background
  2. Select picture wall
  3. Select design
  4. Frame your design

I was able to choose a background which looked most like my chosen area for the wall art - a pale grey wall above a sofa. I could then play around with different combinations of a picture wall, changing the amount and size of frames until I found one I was happy with for my chosen space.

desenio wall art gallery wall review
There were a great number of prints to choose from and you can filter these by a colour scheme if you wish to stick to certain tones and make it easier to decode on your prints. There were so many lovely images to choose from I found it quite hard to decide at first! You can also favourite certain prints so that you can go back to them.

It is worth noting that some prints are only available for certain sizes so it is worth looking through the images for each size just in case there is a print you haven’t seen already.
desenio wall art gallery wall review

Once you’ve selected the images you want in each sized frame you are then able to choose a frame for the prints. I did toy with the idea of a black frame to match our gallery wall on the stairs, but I didn’t want to detract from the muted tones in the images so I chose a silver frame for this picture wall to keep in with the calm colour scheme.


The frames and images arrived really quickly. I had assumed the images would already be in the frames but they came rolled up in a parcel tube and the frames arrived within a large box complete with a protective film and cardboard corner protectors. You will need to remove the film yourself and place the print within the frame. A word of warning - find a really clean, dust free space to do this! My first go on the lounge carpet left me with fibres and specks of dust on the plastic screen. You may need an extra pair of hands if you choose a large print like we did!
desenio wall art gallery wall review

We kept a snapshot of our intended gallery wall from the gallery wall tool so that we could refer back to this when hanging the prints - this makes it much easier as I did forget which print was supposed to go where!

desenio wall art gallery wall review

Any problems?

One of my prints arrived in a size too small for the frame, I contacted Desenio and they sent me out a replacement print straight away - problem solved with no issue at all.

Quality of the prints:

I loved the choice of prints and they look great on the wall. The larger prints aren’t as ‘crisp’ when looking up close as the smaller prints are (probably to be expected?) but for the purpose of a gallery wall to view whilst stood back they are excellent.

desenio wall art gallery wall review

All in all, I was really surprised with my gallery wall prints and the ease at which I was able to choose prints and sizes to suit my space. I would definitely use this service again if I were to plan another gallery wall in our new house.

Sarah x 

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