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Friday 9 September 2022

Best Ways to Document Your Child's Life

Have you ever looked at your child and realised how fast they are growing up? The hardest part of being a parent is seeing your child growing and knowing that you can't pause it, even just for a moment. You don't get to go back and give those cheeky rolls a squish for one more day once their limbs are long and slender. You can't rewind to their newborn days and refresh your memory on their eye colour... However, our generation is fortunate since people in the twenty-first century have access to a wide variety of digital devices. You can use them to record your child's first steps, first words, and funny or lovely events. You can also share your child's accomplishments on other social media platforms.

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Most of us associate our childhood with our hometown, relatives, holidays, and parents. Imagine your adult child being able to see many videos from their childhood after many years. Videos and photos can help people to plunge into their memories. For example, it could be a video of a family celebrating Christmas or a child's birthday...how many times do you take a photo and think, "I'm saving that one for their 18th birthday!".  Furthermore, with the growth of technology, children might pass videos and photos from generation to generation. Unlike when many of us where young - your memories don't have to be put on a shelf because photos and videos can easily be stored in the cloud.

Since memories are valuable, nothing is more important than recording your child's life. This article will teach you the finest ways to document your child's life.

Children's Filming Tips

All children, particularly toddlers, find it difficult to focus on a recording process.  Attention spans are short (this is normal!) and their focus is on their own interests and fascinations. They might run, scream, and jump, preventing a parent from photographing them easily. However, you don't need to be concerned since there is still a method of attracting a child's attention. It is helpful to seek assistance from other family members as photographing a child together could be much easier. One family member should distract the child while another begins taking photos. Toys are commonly used to help in the shooting process, or you might also offer your child to play by setting up a tuff tray activity and shooting or filming their reaction. Go to a forest with your child and tell them you are going to play hide-and-seek together, so they can hide, and then when you find them hidden behind a tree, you can start taking pictures and videos. You can also examine some video ideas on the Internet.

Where To Store Photos and Videos?

In the past, everyone kept videos on disks. Fortunately, everyone now stores their video and photo files in the cloud. If you have some video footage on outdated video cameras or DVDs you can transfer them into a modern format and store them in the cloud. For this purpose you need to know how to convert VOB files to MP4 and be well-aware of the popular video formats - this is something I plan to do in the future!

iOS devices have a feature that can create digital photo albums without the use of any third-party software. However, in case you have Windows or want to benefit from more advanced functionality, you can consider using their-party tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Making a YouTube channel for your child or the entire family is also a good idea. The channel might be private or public. By making a private channel, you can give access to it only to family members. It is convenient since all your videos might be kept on social media and won't occupy a lot of memory.

Which Device Should You Choose?

A video camera may be required if you intend to shoot a high-quality video. Modern smartphones, on the other hand, are equipped with amazing cameras. As a result, you can film your child's memories only by using a smartphone. It is really convenient since you do not need to bring professional equipment or an expensive camera. Smartphones are portable devices that do not require any additional equipment. Furthermore, you can also film videos on your tablet.

How Do You Film Your Child Professionally?

While at home, the majority of parents take photos or videos of their children. To take decent photos or videos, you don't need a photo studio with professional lighting. It is better to take photos in the mornings with good lighting.

Nowadays, a trend has emerged where parents film their newborns every month in order to show how their newborns grow. If you have a newborn, you should try this trend! I always mean to do this and never quite managed it. 

However, if you want to document special moments from a vacation or a family tradition, you should discuss them with your child first. Making a video enjoyable and interesting for a child might encourage them to create more videos and photos. If your child is nervous about recording a video alone, you could gather the entire family to create a family video. Therefore, a family video might assist your child in gaining confidence and having fun during the shooting process.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you might have already decided which tips are more likely to work on your child. However, you should keep in mind that every child needs a special approach. Unfortunately, sometimes it is harder for parents to film or take photos of their children. Thus, you should also make a posing process for children interesting since they can lose interest in posing for you. Furthermore, it is essential not to force children into posing since they might find posing uncomfortable in the future. If you manage to entertain your child while taking photos of them or present it as a game, you might receive a great result! Your child might love being photographed, and you could get a vast number of photos or videos to save in your cloud and show your grown child in the future.

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