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Monday 31 August 2015

Provoke imaginative play - fairy garden

fairy garden role play

All of the fairy clothes and tools above were made using art and craft resources from the home.

Felt for the dress and shoes, tights for the tights, matchsticks for the tools (with false eyelashes for the broom and a piece of foiled plastic from old packaging - all painted with pink glitter nail varnish).

Toadstool seats were a mini salt and pepper shaker painted with nail varnish. 

Stimulate your child's imagination by leaving these outside or placing a magical fairy door in their room! 

To stimulate their writing, why not leave 'fairy pencils' (glue a mini bell onto the end of a pencil) so that the fairy is able to 'hear them write'. Leave little notes from the fairy so that your child/children are able to reply.

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