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Tuesday 8 September 2015

Make mark making fun! Turn old DVD cases into whiteboards

mark making DVD

I'm sure we've all got unwanted DVD cases lurking around somewhere (and if not they can be picked up at a charity shop fairly easily!) this is a great way to create a personalised mini whiteboard for your little one to encourage and help develop their mark making.

You will need a DVD case which has a see through plastic sleeve on the outside as this is what makes it possible to write on with a whiteboard pen and to wipe it back off again!

Home made whiteboard from dvd

Remove the original paper/artwork from underneath the plastic sleeve. You can then replace this with your own choice of paper - either blank, or with a template for your child to draw over. Early and developing mark makers may benefit from swirls, zigzags, lines and circles to attempt to draw/trace over.
Nursery and those starting in Reception will find it helpful to have their name printed underneath on one side of the DVD and the alphabet on the other side to help with letter formation.

You can create your own special whiteboard pen with eraser by gluing a mini pompom or Feltball  onto the end of the pen lid. An alternative is to have a black glove which is kept inside the DVD case which can be used to wipe the board clean. 

Not only is this a great activity for children which they can access independently, and one which can be changed and adapted as they get older - it also helps to develop their fine motor skills and writing ability.

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