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Sunday 20 September 2015

Anticipation box-learn in a fun way! Activity to aid phonics and maths

anticipation box eyfs literacy and maths activity

Whilst teaching this was hugely popular and a great activity to help your child learn in a fun way.

In the morning the children in my class would put a secret object inside the anticipation box and it would stay closed for the rest of the day until home time. We would anticipate all day what could be inside! Not only do the children really enjoy this activity and look forward to the end of the day when we finally open up the box and see what is inside - it is also a brilliant way to help your child with their speaking and thinking skills, as well as exposing them to mathematical language and giving them an opportunity to practise their phonic skills.

Anticipation box-learn in a fun way! Activity to aid phonics and maths

This would work with your child at home in a similar way, ask them to choose a toy and hide it behind their back or in a box. They could even make their own anticipation box, and fill it with lots of toys, but choose only one as their 'main' toy. 

The first few times of using the anticipation box I would choose an object and describe it myself to the child/children and see whether they can guess what it is. I would describe using different senses such as feels like, looks like, smells like etc.... Starts with the letter /b/ etc...... This helps model to the children exactly how they can explore an object themselves. 

Once they are used to this, Ask your child to describe a toy they have put In the box to you in as much detail as possible until you are able to guess what the toy is, or pick it out from the rest. Here is a list of prompt questions:

Is your toy big/small, tall/long/short

How does your toy feel - soft, hard, heavy, light, rough, smooth, furry etc

What shapes can you see - discuss 2d and 3d shapes

Are there any patterns on your toy?

What colours are on your toy?

What does your toy begin with?

Can you 'sound out' the name of your toy? ( eg, d-o-ll, c-ar, b-oo-k)

How many (wheels for example)

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