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Tuesday 8 September 2015

Arthurwears edible finger paint....baby and toddler activity

edible finger paint

Let's go straight to the lesson with this one: probably best to undress your child and let them do this one in their nappy sitting on a waterproof, washable shower curtain.... We have one, we didn't use it, we may have to repeat this activity with more colours on a warmer day!!

Arthur LOVES Greek yoghurt - it's great for BLW as its thicker than natural yoghurt so they can get a good handful and scoop it into their mouth. I made the edible finger paint using Greek yoghurt mixed with food colouring (obviously babies and young children need 'edible' mark making resources because it WILL end up in their mouth!). 

He spread it around, he splatted it (hard) he rubbed his fingers, hands, arms and then his face in it.

This is a brilliant sensory experience.

He did lots of exploring, feeling and tasting and when he had finally coloured his clothes and hair pink - he lifted his arms up to get out. 

This is a great early mark making activity and introduction to messy play. Worth the clean up afterwards!

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