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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Writing for a purpose...accident reporting station

EYFS writing station accident reporting
EYFS writing station

If you've ever spent time with children, then you will know just how often they manage to 'hurt' themselves! 

I'm not talking about actual, serious injuries, but those minor little accidents that need your full attention RIGHT NOW! For example (I few I've come across):

"I bit my own finger at lunchtime when I was picking food out of my teeth - it realllllly hurts"

"I just banged my toe on the chair leg - I think its broken off!"

"I banged my knee when i was running in the playground - it's fine when I play but I can't sit on the carpet"

"i pulled a bit of skin near my nail - I think I need a bandage"

If you have a number of children in your care, sometimes it just isn't possible to give a particular child the attention they deserve right when they feel they need it. This is where the accident reporting station came in REALLY handy....

On the board/wall in front is a simple diagram of a human body with simple labels to body parts. In one box there are blank forms to fill in (as above). Depending on the level of the child, this may be a one word answer - such as labeling the body part they have hurt, or it may be a sentence such as "I have hurt my leg".

The children then leave their reports in the other box which an adult then goes and reads and discusses with the child at a convenient time.

This is a great way to get all children writing - especially if there is an expectation that all injuries are reported.

Make sure you model and demonstrate this activity to children to show them. Young children will just be making simple marks and ascribing meaning to them - you may not be able to read what they have written but they should be able to tell you what the marks represent.

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