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Sunday 6 December 2015

Arthur's 10 month update

baby ten months

Arthur at ten months

 I had intended to do one of these every month - but that didn't quite work out, so I'm starting at double figures! I'm am sure when it comes to having baby number 2, I will wish I had the other updates to look back on, but better late than never!


Usually gets up and has milk between 5.30-7am
Breakfast 7.30/8am
Playtime 8.30-9am
Nap 1 - 9am usually for 30 mins, sometimes up to an hour
Playtime 9.30/10am
Lunch 12 o'clock
Nap 2 - 1pm for 30 mins sometimes an hour
Playtime 2pm-4pm
Dinner - 4pm
Playtime - 4.30 - 6.30pm
Bathtime - 6.30pm
Ready for bed, story, milk, cuddle - 6.45pm
Sleep - 7pm

Night wakings - usually wakes for milk between 1-3am. Since he started teething and walking he has been waking at 10/11pm and more frequently after that too. He's never been a great sleeper so we are used to lots of frequent wakings!

Things he can now do:

Walking: This is the month he started to walk!! After 5 months of crawling, I thought I'd really have to pull something special out of the bag to tempt him to try and get from A to B in a way that wasn't quite as fast as his super speedy crawling.....turns out all I had to do was sit on the sofa with a cup of tea ( I know!! When does that ever happen!?) one Wednesday morning and avert my eyes momentarily...when I look up he's half way across the room on foot, and finding the whole thing hilarious! I can't help but wonder if he's been doing this every time I turned away...

Feeding himself with a spoon: we got some super thick Greek yoghurt to start him with, put it in a bowl and gave him a spoon - he loved it, and now wants to feed himself every time! Not quite so easy if it's anything but thick yoghurt!!

Speaking: He was already able to say "star", "teddy", "ter" (for water) plus mummy and daddy ... This month he has also had a go at naming "car", "grandpa", "hello", "more", and, an unsuccessful mention of "sock" - he said cock...we haven't pursued this one any more!

Understanding: Now, if I ask Arthur to find and fetch certain objects/toys for me, he is able to do this for his teddy, Monty penguin, baby doll, sock, car.

Reading : he loves the 'that's not my...' Books and always touches the feely parts. Sometimes he will choose a book from the shelf and bring it for me to read and he now points and says 'star' if he sees one in the book!

Teeth: he now has 6 teeth - 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

He loves cuddly toys, teddies and dolls. When he sees them he says "ahhhh" and gives them a cuddle. He also says "ahhh" if he sees an animal on TV or in real life.

He likes to wave at his Daddy in the morning when he leaves for work, and he will usually smile and wave at anyone who gives him attention and says hello.

He has started to understand what a phone is used for and will pick it up and put it to his ear saying "hello". If he wants to play with my phone, he will point and then put his hand to his ear and say "hello". Sometimes he does this and then points to the screen and says "dada"...we often FaceTime his Daddy in the evening to say goodnight when he is at work.

He is really starting to observe and copy other people - he got himself a wipe and cleaned up his own sick from the carpet before I even realised what had happened! He loves to play with musical instruments and often hands them to me to join in with him.

He is starting to understand some boundaries, and will often shake his head if he does, or is about to do something that he knows he shouldn't - such as biting or pushing-this doesn't always mean that he won't do it anyway! He will also shake his head if he is given food that he doesn't want (before swiping it onto the floor). When he does something like this (or even does a burp or a trump) he pulls a shocked face and says "ohhhh!"
He gets much more cross now if he doesn't get what he wants straight away - especially if he is pointing and trying to communicate or sign and I don't know what he means!

Along with the extra frustrations, he is also much more affectionate - he will request cuddles when he needs them, and in the morning he will often crawl over and give me a kiss. He is still a very sociable and happy baby during the day and loves to meet new people - especially in the supermarket!

I can't wait to see what changes the next month brings - especially as we will be celebrating his first Xmas! No doubt like most little ones, he will love the wrapping paper the most!!

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