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Tuesday 19 June 2018

5 reasons why the early days are the easy days...


You know how it goes when you have a new baby, everyone tells you "it gets easier". You'll be walking around in a sleep deprived fog, week old hair hanging onto an entire can of dry shampoo whilst you 'lose' your glasses in the dishwasher and put your shoes in the fridge...but the advice is always there and readily available: It gets easier. 

In many ways, yes it does. They don't feed ALL night forever. Eventually they can walk and it gives your aching back a much needed rest. They learn to feed themselves so you aren't chained to the table at mealtimes. They learn to 'give back' and it makes every single thing absolutely worth it when they say 'I love you' and mean it......but when you've done this whole baby thing once already, you already know that there are just a few things that are already as easy as they are going to be...a few things you don't want to take for granted...or ok, a few things to feel grateful for now...

  1. The car seat. You can take it out and carry it everywhere. If you're lucky you might even have a buggy it fits onto. This is where life is a little easier. Due to go somewhere in half an hour but baby needs to nap now??? No problem. Put them in the car seat then leave when you need to. Baby fell asleep in the car and you've arrived at your destination? No problem. Put the the car seat on the buggy. Baby stays asleep. Life is easy. Once you've passed this stage and you've had the experience of trying to move sleeping baby from car seat to pram or vice Versa you'll know what I mean.

  2. They sleep more (usually). You don't have to plan your day around naps because they nap ALOT...(unless they are like my first child, who never slept - but that's another story!) most new babies can only manage an hour or two of awake time at the most before needing a sleep... time to put your feet up and grab a drink! Unless of course you have a toddler...or a baby who only sleeps on you!

  3. They are largely immobile. Need a wee? Pop your baby on the floor on a play mat and nip to the loo...they will definitely be there when you get back. Need to change a nappy? Go ahead! Not a wrestling match or a changing mat somersault in sight. Enjoy that, it won't last. Your baby will soon be moving around and escaping faster than you can shove a bar of chocolate in your mouth and swallow it (before your toddler sees obvs)

  4. Lack of social anxiety - They are usually happy to be passed around and have cuddles with most people, and will give away smiles freely and frequently to anyone who attempts to entertain them. Even the most sociable of sproglets get to a point where they only want you, and if they go through the dreaded phase of separation anxiety (when crying ensues should you so much as sway in the wrong direction) you could be forgiven for assuming they forgot to cut that umbilical cord.

  5. You have all the time in the world....obviously you don't really, especially if you have more than one...but when your baby is new you are at the start of your maternity leave and you can enjoy the cuddles, the bonding, getting to know your little person and not really having to worry about much else than attempting to keep them (and yourself) alive! Fast forward a few months and suddenly you realise that it's all gone a bit quick, and you may have to consider childcare options for returning to work. The thought of leaving your baby brings about the adult version of separation anxiety and suddenly you wish you could go back to the beginning and start all over again. (If this is you, have a read of this returning to work poem - promise it will make you feel better) 

Sarah x

PS: Did I miss anything out??

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5 reasons why the early days are the easy days

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