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Monday 17 June 2024

4 Tips on Creating a Luxury Nursery

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby can be a stressful and exciting thing. You’ll need to get the house ready to greet its newest member, and that often means preparing a nursery. Ideally, it should be as luxurious a nursery as possible. After all, you’ll make your life easier by creating a space that’s practical, and that makes your child feel as comfortable as possible.
tips for creating a luxury nursery

Let’s take a look at a few key tips for making your nursery a luxury one.

Selecting the right colour palette

Aesthetically, you’ll build your nursery around a few keycolours. Certain pastel shades tend to match nicely with the nursery vibe. Blues and purples usually work well. Try to avoid loud and garish colours. These might be a little too stimulating, and they can risk looking cheap. There will be plenty of opportunity to add bolder shades to the space later on, as accent decorations.

Your colour palette should be cohesive. Build it around existing items of furniture, with furniture paint used to complement the shades you’re apply to the walls. You can find designer-friendly colour-picking services online. Just be sure that you test the colours on the wall before you finalise them.

Choosing the right furniture

The most important item of furniture, naturally, is the cot. But you might also think about other pieces, like wardrobes and other storage furniture. A fitted wardrobe might be the best option for luxury, especially if your nursery is in a slightly awkward space. The best thing about a fitted wardrobe is its ability to free up space elsewhere in the home. It’s the most space-efficient solution possible.


A combination of different lighting solutions will help you to fill out the room, and create the required sense of space. Hanging lights, wall lamps, night lights and gooseneck lights for story-time, will all combine to create that sense of luxury at every time of day.

Don’t Forget Safety

Before you finalise your nursery plans, it’s worth conducting a short risk assessment. Imagine something has gone wrong, and then work backwards to determine what it might have been.

The most common culprits are cots that don’t conform to the required safety standard (whichin this case is BS EN 716-2:2008), and slippery rugs on wooden floors. In the latter case, you can install a few friction-inducing pads beneath the rug to correct the problem.

You might also be concerned about electrical sockets. But provided that these have been installed correctly, and they aren’t reachable from the bed, you shouldn’t have a problem. Avoidplug-socket covers – they tend, paradoxically, to make plugs less safe, because they open the shutters that protect the live terminals in a standard plug socket.

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