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Saturday 2 February 2019

Love is Love - An LGBTQ engagement poem

Poem - Love is: For James and Stuart on your Engagement x

Love is Love an LQBTQ engagement poem image of two male shadows holding hands

I wrote this poem, Love is Love,  a few years ago now, and it has been sat in my notes, waiting for today - the day when James (my wonderfully supportive and caring big Brother in Law) finally became engaged to Stuart (the man who secretly filled my biscuit tin with chocolate biscuits and my freezer with ice cream at the end of his visit - if that doesn't tell you what a lovely person he is, I don't know what will). There aren't many things in life which can fill your heart with joy and settle your soul like the moment you realise that someone you care about has found someone who really cares about them... and like all moments of high emotion, words tumbled through my mind in rhyme form, waiting to be written... So here it is...Love is Love - A poem...

Love is Love - an LGBTQ Poem

True love isn't love if it fits in a mould
It doesn't come in shapes or sizes
True love just arrives and takes hold

It wraps its arms around you and doesn't let go
It changes your journey - and that's how you know ...

One day you could be stumbling down a dark, beaten track - then suddenly it grabs you, and it pulls you right back.

Back into the sunlight that was invariably there, before love had your heart , but you just weren't aware.

And life just feels clearer, it feels easier, more true - when love takes your hand and it pulls you on through.

Love sees past traditions, opinions and hate
It stands firm against barriers and just opens the gate

Because your love isn't made for the world to approve
But it is there to remind you of the mountains you'll move

And in days when there is conflict, when you're not sure what to do
True love will remind you "it's just me and it's you"

Because no one else matters
And no one else should
When you make that decision
To give someone your love

And it may not always be easy
But don't ever lose sight
Because as long as it's love
Then it will always be right


Sarah x 

Copyright Sarah - Arthurwears. Please do not copy or reproduce without permission

NB: This poem is subject to copyright. Please do not copy, paste, create your own imagery or reproduce without permission. When sharing via social media such as facebook, please include the url (web address) of this post and tag Arthurwears. 

A little more information on this poem Love is Love:

Since writing this poem about what love is, it has been wonderful to receive emails and contact from people all over the world who have asked permission to use this poem 'Love is Love' as a reading at their own gay or queer wedding, or within their church to help raise awareness for their congregation on LGBTQ relationships and acceptance.  It has been shared within a Jewish synagogue in America who have used the poem to foster inclusivity of their Jewish LGBTQ members, and within  UK christian church for similar reasons.

If you wish to share this poem yourself, please make sure that the copyright message above is included, along with the URL of this webpage - and please do email to let me know if you use this poem as a reading. 

The words of the poem itself explore why 'love is love' and what this means, what love is and is not...and although there isn't a mention of LQBTQ in the words of the poem itself, it has resonated with the community in (mostly) a positive way...

I say 'mostly' because in the early days of this poem being published, I did receive comments from an LGBTQ member who suggested that as a straight woman, afab, I had no place publishing content around the love between LGBTQ members and therefore using up a 'space' for creative work that should have been given to LGBTQ members. Whilst I understand the sentiment behind this comment, and the point they were attempting to raise, it simply doesn't apply to this case - there is room in this world and this online space for us ALL. If I had followed this advice and not published this love poem because I am not a member of the LGBTQ community, it simply wouldn't exist. These words came from MY head, and have been written on MY website. They wouldn't be recycled and sent to someone else's brain if I didn't write them, they just wouldn't be here. More importantly, singling someone out because of their sexuality is never okay. This poem exists as a personal gift, and act of solidarity for 2 people who I know and love personally, and the fact that others are able to benefit from this only serves to spread the love <3

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