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Wednesday 14 October 2015

DIY glitter sensory bottles

glitter glue baby sensory bottle

If you read my previous post all about sensory play for babies and toddlers, you may be wondering how I made the glitter sensory bottles, so here is a quick how to guide so that you can make your own....

The first thing you will need is an empty plastic bottle...

baby sensory bottle

Rinse out the bottle and dry. Next you will need GLITTER GLUE and LOTS of it!!!

If you don't have any glitter glue then you can mix PVA and glitter together....

baby sensory bottlebaby sensory bottle 

It wont be the same effect as glitter glue, because PVA is slightly more opaque, and glitter glue is more transparent so it shows off the glitter much better!!

Put your glitter glue or PVA/glitter into your bottle (do not fill the bottle)...

baby sensory bottle

The next thing you need to do is add some HOT water (do not fill to the top). It needs to be as hot as your tap will go so that the glitter glue and the water mix together, otherwise you will end up with blobs of glue floating around in water! At this stage you can also add some food colouring if you wish. I added green to mine.

Shake the water and glue together till it is all mixed up.

I also added some oil at this stage to give another effect - when the bottle is still, the oil settles on the surface as it does not mix with water...

baby sensory bottle

Shake together and please make sure to secure the lid properly - I glued the lid on and added some strong tape just to make sure!

Leaving part of the bottle empty creates a nice effect when the glitter and glue is running down the inside of the bottle.

how to make sensory bottle

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