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Monday 1 February 2021

A Homeschooling Poem

As we start 2021 in another lockdown, most of us faced with homeschooling our children whilst also trying to work/run a business/ stay healthy, it goes without saying that this is an incredibly tricky time for a lot of us. I think we all know how difficult the current situation is for us all, and although I toyed with the idea of writing a poem in solidarity with the feelings of many of us, I decided to step back at look at things from a totally different angle. I thought about the silver lining of homeschooling...the little things that will make the biggest difference, and the way we might look back on it for the moments we gained, rather than the moments we lost... It has helped me to take a more positive view on our days of homeschool and to remind me that I now have the ability to change our days and find the fun when our children need a breather too. x

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a homeschooling poem - benefits of homeschool

a homechool poem the benefits of homeschool

a homechool poem the benefits of homeschool

A Homeschool Poem:

It wasn’t that long ago I waved you goodbye, For your first day of school and swore I wouldn’t cry Returned to a house that was quiet a still, As I longed for the days where we played here at will I knew it had passed, that time just for us, Whilst the memories stayed with me gathering dust But then something happened, something sinister and cruel, It closed all the shops and it shut down the schools And now here you are, back home with me again, As your parent, your teacher and also your friend...
So many roles to take under my wing,, it feels like each day my bow asks for a string
So how do we manage these unprecedented times?, Times of phonics and full stops - not just nursery rhymes
Days of ‘bridging to ten’ and subtractions to twenty - as we drown in our live calls and worksheets a plenty. We remember that day when we waved our goodbye, and stood at the school gate and tried not to cry...
when we wished for just one more moment alone...of playtimes and snuggles and laughter at home...
So now here we are, with our surprise second chance, To make memories together where we laugh and we dance It’s not always just work, we can fit in the play - and those are the moments we’ll remember each day. When it all gets too hard, when the school work’s too much, Remember you’re not just their teacher, you have a magic touch ...
you can wave round your wand and grant wishes of fun, , when those moments are needed - not just when work is done.
And yes they may cry, stamp their feet, scream and moan, As you wish for one second, just one moment alone
But those frustrations aren’t a failure in this parenting race, It’s because you’re not just a ‘school’, you’re their safest space.
And whilst at school they’d sit, and hold in their fears - with you they don’t have to, they can show you those tears. So try to rekindle that bond that had drifted,now you’re back home together and normality’s shifted
It may not be exactly as you’d planned, But know that you’re winning as life deals you this hand
You’ve been here before, raising children at home, and the only thing different is how much they have grown... So keep going, keep trying, keep on and stay sane, With your many hats as you drift through the lanes...
Of parenting, teaching, employee and chef (And no we won’t judge you if you never get dressed)
They may not have a playground, a desk or a school, But they have something better....your children have you x

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